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 Humanoid - Spirit Society (Please do not post here, use comments thread on the discussions board)

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Humanoid - Spirit Society (Please do not post here, use comments thread on the discussions board) Empty
PostSubject: Humanoid - Spirit Society (Please do not post here, use comments thread on the discussions board)   Humanoid - Spirit Society (Please do not post here, use comments thread on the discussions board) Icon_minitimeTue Sep 15, 2009 10:34 pm

Humanoid - Spirit Society

Chapter One: The Meeting Place

It was a dark, miserable night in Cinotime. Nobody was around. There was no noise, no people, no movement at all. And then it all changed, in a single second. The city burst into life. Laughter could be heard, televisions were switched on, people spilled into the streets. This was the moment when everyone realized that they could still live their lives normally, even though they were in one of the last cities on Earth.

Shade opened his eyes. He was still tired, and it took a few moments for his eyes to adjust to the light. But he had to get up now, he had been in bed all morning. He groaned as he swung his legs round and onto the floor. He stood up, and yawned. This was going to be another trying day, he could just feel it. Taking great care, he made his way down the stairs and into his living room. It was in a terrible mess. Glass everywhere, rubbish all over, food covered the carpet in so many places. "Not again..." Shade muttered, and proceeded into the kitchen. He took a bin bag from a cupboard, then went through and began to clear up the chaos. It took him an hour at the least to cast the clutter into the bin bag. He sighed with relief when he put the last piece or rubbish in the bag. He tied the handles in a firm knot, then threw it onto his shoulder. Shade slipped the key into the door and twisted, pushed the handle and stepped outside. Taking care not to trap anything in the door, he headed towards the bin at the far side of his front lawn. As he raised the lid and put the bag inside, he noticed a strange group on the other side of the street. He studied them for a little while, then shrugged. They didn't appear to be doing anything wrong, so he turned on his heel and walked back through his front door. He was famished, so he moved into the kitchen once again. Shade opened the fridge, and looked inside. There was no food to be seen. "Oh yeah..." He muttered angrily. "I just had to pick it all up from my floor." He stormed into the living room, and threw himself onto the sofa. "I hate those kids..." He bellowed, and hammered down on the TV remote's on button.

Viro stumbled into the street. He checked behind him, and saw that the thugs had finally quit their pursuit of him. "They just never learn..." He muttered and set off down the road. He passed number 62 and looked up. The light was on. "Who would put a light on at this time...?" He wondered and looked for a decent starting point. He found one, a slightly outward brick. He grabbed onto it and began to clamber up the wall.

Zyle shook his head wildly. "You can't fire me, i'm one of your best men!" He shouted, desperate to keep his job. He was in the marines, and that was something he was extremely proud of. He had won many medals. His boss looked at him carefully. "Your fellow marines seem to think that you don't deserve your job Zyle, and I have to admit the evidence they provided is mighty convincing." Zyle looked at the other marines spread around the room. They all grinned at him, and he stared back at them coldly. "Their evidence may be convincing, but surely you of all people know that I deserve to remain part of the marines?" Zyle watched his boss as he folded his arms. "I do. But then again, you have failed me many times." Zyle shook his head in disbelief. The marines around the room grinned, and looked at their leader with great anticipation to his next few words. "I'm afraid... I'm going to have to let you go." Zyle nodded, and gave his thanks. He turned, and strode out of the room. All the marines followed him, and laughed and jeered as he walked towards the exit. When Zyle reached the door, he slammed it in their faces. He just couldn't believe it. He kicked a stone hard an it flew into the air. He was full of rage. "At least he allowed me to keep my guns..." Zyle muttered and headed in the train station's direction. "It's a bonus." It took him about ten minutes to reach the station, and find the appropriate train. He got on without another word, and sat in silence for a few minutes. People were staring at him, like he was crazy or demented. "What?" He asked finally, and looked himself up and down. He finally realized his guns were showing under his jumper. "I'm not gonna shoot anyone..." He reassured them, and held his hands up. They still didn't seem too keen to stand near him. Zyle shrugged, and ignored them for the duration. About ten minutes into the journey, the train grinded to a halt. Zyle frowned, it was too early for the train to stop. He brought out his pistols and headed to the front of the train.

This is SPARTA! =D

I need readers for my fanfics. More specificly, reviews

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Humanoid - Spirit Society (Please do not post here, use comments thread on the discussions board)
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